Who is Digital Properties?

We are builders, developers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries in the digital real estate market.  We view each digital asset as a unique ‘property’ that has a unique set of opportunities available to it.  Our specialty is leveraging our experience in digital marketing, development, M&A, e-commerce, and advertising to develop the ideal strategy to maximize the asset’s potential and performance.

Experience that Matters

The Digital Properties team has extensive experience in the domain space. Collectively, we have been involved in domain portfolio ownership and management for twenty years through experiences at LycosNameMedia and Marchex.  We are experts in how to optimize the build-out and monetization of domains.  This is just one of the reasons why the leading domain portfolio owners trust and collaborate with us.

Meet Our Team

Jeff Bennett
Co-founder & CEO
David Zakur
Co-founder & COO
Chris Whitten
Kristyn Lyons
Director, Digital Agency
Cortnee Doyle
Director, Business & Revenue Operations
Slava Brodskiy
Head of Technology
Lydia Bloom
SEO, Content Management, Social
Salman Ahmad
Paid Marketing & Analytics
Heather Apse
Content Strategist